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Sash Window Company in Lancashire

We have a huge range of sash windows on offer, all constructed and installed by a dedicated team of experts that can easily replace your old windows with brand new sash windows.

Lancashire Leading Timber Sash Window Specialists


Sash windows have become increasingly common in recent years, offering some stunning visual style and very practical benefits over conventional windows. However, many of the original sash windows created for an older house in Lancashire have begun to wear out.

We can offer a wide range of sliding sash windows built to a high standard of modern performance, offering a traditional style while still retaining the low maintenance costs, reduced noise pollution, improved home security and added durability of a modern window.

Accredited Sash Window Company Covering Lancashire

We are a team of window installation experts that can help you find the ideal bespoke sliding sash windows for your home. Our work is always aimed at matching the customer’s needs, giving them new sash windows to either complement or replace existing windows perfectly. We aim to create both traditional and modern windows that are suitable for all-year-round weather. We can mimic the style of a period property to create flawless replacements for original windows or create a new, bespoke design that offers unparalleled style.

James Williams

Vastly Experienced

Over 60 years experience combined in transforming homes as recognised by The Guild Of Master Craftsmen

Five Year Guarantee

Our work comes with a 5-year guarantee as we stand so strongly behind our highest market quality materials

Energy Efficient

Maintain your upmarket timely aesthetic whilst simultaneously saving money on utility bills and insulating your home

If your sash windows require replacement, your window will be made as close to the original as possible by our nationwide joinery sites







Premium Sash Windows

The Premium Difference

Our expert staff in Lancashire can produce all of the popular sash windows available, working with modern trends to ensure that even traditional sliding sash windows get the same improved thermal performance benefits as their contemporary counterparts.

Bespoke Lancashire Master Carpentry Services

All of our work is bespoke, and we aim to fit the needs of each client personally – for example, we can aim to keep as many original features as possible when working on a Victorian-era building. Everything we have installed has been designed to the highest quality possible, regardless of complexity.

Heritage Home Improvement Innovators

UK's Biggest Sash Window Suppliers

As one of the many window suppliers registered in Lancashire and the greater UK, we make ourselves different through our level of care towards our customers. We can employ traditional joinery techniques, reinforce wooden sash windows in period properties with extra performance benefits, and even re-use the original timber for certain designs.

Client Focused Services

Our trading style is all about our clients, and we aim to please in every situation. We want our customers to walk away happy and completely satisfied with the new vertical sliding sash windows and frames that we have installed in their house.

Award Winning Lancashire Based Sash Window Company

We have received plenty of recognition for our work and have been involved in countless different projects over the years. The scope and breadth of our work is so large that it would be hard to pick out a specific example of our experts doing their best work.

What Is A Sash Window?

Sash windows have two panes – the upper pane and the window sash. Instead of opening outward, these vertical sliding sash windows slide the sash section into the upper pane. Unlike casement windows, they do not tilt outwards, making them a very convenient choice for compact homes.

How Do Sash Windows Work?

Sash windows often work based on a weight and pulley system, which is hidden inside the frame. This can make them bulkier than casement windows but also keeps everything contained.

Sash Window Costs

Sash costs in Lancashire can vary heavily depending on factors like window glazing, materials, and even the location of your home. Conservation areas and listed buildings can be much more costly to make property changes to, even if that simply means altering windows.
We aim to keep our work as cost-effective as possible. While other window companies may work with groups like Novuna Personal Finance to lend money to their customers if they can’t afford a project, we can offer you a free, accurate quote that will not push you over budget.

Bespoke Sash Window Suppliers Lancashire

Our bespoke work allows us to adapt each project to match the client. If you want something cost-effective but high-quality, we can come up with an arrangement that will suit both sides of the deal.
We can also help create very specific sash windows that match a particular visual style. For example, we can construct window sashes that perfectly match with nearby French doors or find an ideal kind of timber to match the timber wood used in other parts of your property.

Types Of Sash Windows We Offer

Sliding sash windows can come in multiple versions in Lancashire, both vertically-sliding and horizontally-sliding.

Box Sash Windows

A box sash is the most basic of sash windows. These are simple two-pane windows with no extra flair, making them a very convenient and reliable choice. They offer a lot of visibility (unless you are using frosted glass) and are incredibly customisable.

Spring Sash Windows

Spring sliding sash windows are spring-loaded rather than using a weight, making them easier to open. This allows the design to stay slimmer than box sash windows but without losing any of the high-performance benefits that regular sash windows would have.

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian windows have six-over-six designs, meaning that they have six pane segments on each window. This does not impact the performance benefits or durability of the frame or glass in any meaningful way.

Victorian Sash Windows

Victorian sash windows have a two-over-two design, which means two sections on each pane. Like before, this is mostly cosmetic.

Edwardian Sash Windows

Edwardian sash windows are six-over-two, which can lead to multiple creative configurations with the different sections of pane.

Sash Window Frame Materials

The materials used in sliding sash windows will change a lot about the cost, durability and overall style of the end product.

UPVC Sash Windows

uPVC sash windows are meant to replace wood windows. They are low-maintenance and excellent for saving on energy bills through insulation and offer a range of colours and finishes compared to standard wood frames. This is usually the most common range you will find.

Aluminium Sash Windows

Aluminium sash windows are more expensive than uPVC sash windows but are also stronger and more secure, making them a great high-performance window for people who want extra security.

The frame is also recyclable and is much more low-maintenance than wood.

Composite Sash Windows

Composite sash windows are made of a combination of wood and aluminium. This retains the visual style of wood and the benefits of aluminium, making it a good compromise between both. However, they are more expensive than uPVC sliding sash windows.

Timber Sash Windows

Wood timber sash windows can last longer than uPVC sash windows if maintained properly. These timber windows are popular as part of classic homes, but a wood timber sash also requires more attention to detail. Modern finishes help eliminate the vulnerability of timber itself.

Sash Window Glass Types

There are two major glass options available for sash windows. Outliers, like acoustic glass, are specialist options that can be rolled into other types or designs.

Clear Glass

Clear glass offers less privacy without curtains or blinds but also gives you more visibility of the outside world. This is best used in windows and doors that you can cover easily or in less-personal areas of your home.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass offers more privacy at the cost of visibility. This is often used in doors or windows near a front door, as well as in bathrooms and some bedrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sash Windows Be Double Glazed?

Double glazed units are very common with sash windows in Lancashire, and even simple uPVC sash windows support double glazing. Double glazing on uPVC sliding sash windows can be a very powerful combination since uPVC sash windows already tend to have good insulation.
Remember that double glazing is best planned ahead of time. Installing uPVC sliding sash windows and deciding that they need to be double glazed later means more work and extra costs.

Do Sash Windows Need A Lot Of Maintenance?

Sash windows are mostly low-maintenance as long as they have the right finish (in the case of timber and wood). Options like uPVC windows are much easier to keep in one piece and barely need any maintenance at all until something starts to wear down or break.

Are Sliding Sash Windows Worth It?

Sash windows are more compact and reliable than certain other options, and their draught-proofing can often be better due to the unique sliding mechanism. The quality of the window itself dictates how ‘worth it’ the window would be, of course.

Can Sash Windows Be Replaced?

Replacing sash windows is not only possible but quite easy, at least for our experts in Lancashire. We can easily replace old frames and windows with new ones that suit your preferred style and range of colours.

What Material Is Best For A Replacement Sash Window?

All materials can work well for these windows, regardless of quality. Like doors, windows often have double layers or additional frame finishes that protect weaker materials like timber from harm and provide a stronger paint colour.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Sash Window?

Repairing is always cheaper than replacing, but we can easily do both to your existing windows and frames with ease. We aim to keep everything as affordable as possible for our clients.

How Do You Clean Sash Windows?

Cleaning these windows is no different to any other windows or even some doors in Lancashire. The normal range of cleaning techniques and tricks will work. Just be sure to clean any mechanisms that are getting gummed up with dirt, too.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Sash Window?

Repairs can vary heavily depending on the type of damage, as well as the scale of the problem. Damaged frames are more expensive than needing to apply a new coat of paint, and broken astragal bars can be even more irritating to repair compared to just replacing them.

What Is The Difference Between Sash And Casement Windows

Sash windows slide upwards, whereas casement windows swing outwards. While a casement window is not as bulky, casement windows also need space behind the window to open. Sash windows can be opened directly upwards, even in tight spaces or with garden furniture on the other side.

Are Double Glazed Units Better?

Glazed windows tackle temperature issues and insulation well, so they are recommended either way. Triple glazing is less common in some areas but still has its benefits.

Sash Windows Benefits

Sash windows are better at handling draught-proofing, making them great for higher energy efficiency in Lancashire. Good energy efficiency means reduced heating bills, something that high-quality sash windows are perfect at even before they get double glazing installed.
With double glazing, they become even better. Good glazing can massively increase the quality of your insulation, and professionally-installed triple glazing will do a fantastic job at trapping heat inside your home in Lancashire. Sashes are also better at blocking noise, keeping your home secure, and offering a unique visual style.

If you want to get new sash windows in your home, then we can offer everything you need all in one place. Whether you want some ornate timber sash windows that match your doors, or a modern set of windows with bright colours and plenty of protective paint, we can deliver. For any burning questions about a key detail of our work, whether that’s paint colours or the costs involved, you can contact us directly and talk to one of our specialists.

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